Show Sectors

We’re proud to have a massive range of sectors at eCom Business Live. If you’re a part of any of the sectors in this list or are curious to learn more about their ins and outs, this is the perfect location for you.

Ecommerce Aggregators

Aggregators exist to collate competing brands, find the best offers, and present them to consumers. These digital gurus have become core players in the digital landscape, and you can gain insights into their processes and techniques at this event.

Marketing Services

If you’re looking for a digital marketing strategy consultant or a particular service, you can expect to find the perfect solution at eCom Business Live. From social media wizards to masters of sponsored content – we host them all under our roof.


Dropshipping, delivering products directly from manufacturer to consumer, is a core facet of online selling. Whether you’re wondering how to start dropshipping, looking for a new provider, or curious about how to improve your existing strategy, this expo is the place to be.

Finance Solutions

ECommerce financing and payment systems are engines that drive sales for businesses of all kinds, influencing abandonment rates and retention. We bring together finance specialists from across the industry, so you can streamline your systems of payment.

Cyber Security

The safety of networks, programs, devices, and data is at the top of everyone’s minds in this industry, with cyber-attacks being more common every year. Meet qualified professionals with cyber security certifications, ready to protect your digital systems at this event.

Design & Brand

Creating a compelling brand is essential for standing out within the industry, with powerful visuals, strong messaging, and cohesive copy making a huge impact on your company identity. Connect with the very finest in eCommerce branding at this year’s expo!

Inventory Management

Having a strong inventory management system is vital to maintaining a sustainable selling model. At eCom Business Live, we host some of the finest inventory management professionals and providers, so you can optimize your stockroom for good.

Web Solutions

Website optimization is an essential facet of running a successful online business. From experts in SEO to web designers with an impeccable eye for detail, you can find the professionals to take your digital platform to the next level.

Data & Analytics

With the realm of eCommerce becoming more competitive every year, online sellers or service providers need to have a strong data and analytics strategy. eCom Business Live hosts analysts at the cutting edge, so you can learn to modernize your operations smoothly.

Customer Retention

It takes a lot to sell to someone once, but it takes a lot more to keep people coming back time after time. From effective personalization strategists to service provision experts, you can find specialists in customer retention metrics at our expo.

Apps & Software

Without website mobile optimization and an effective online application, businesses can only go so far in the business landscape of the 21st century. You can build connections with experts in mobile operations at eCom Business Live.