Mari Oxenberg

Founder & CEO  -  Orange Fuzz Hemp

Smoke ''Em if You Got ''Em: The Growing Business of Smokable Hemp

The 2018 farm bill removed hemp from the controlled substances act, and established that henceforth, hemp is to be treated like any other agricultural commodity, traded freely in interstate commerce to be used as a raw material to make a wide range of products. While this industrial hemp boom was desired and expected following the removal of hemp from the controlled substances act, the rapid growth of a market for unrefined, raw hemp flower for smoking has been somewhat surprising. Who could have foreseen that so many people would be interested in smoking, vaping, and even dabbing cannabis that does not get you high? There can no longer be any question that smoking hemp flower is hugely popular. Join entraupanaure Mari C. Oxenberg to discuss the future of smokable CBD hemp in the United States, and what to expect from the rapidly growing market segment..


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